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Bene at Three Beans Kareela 10/10 stars

Have just had the most delicious eggs benedict ever. So delicious I think it’s time I share my local treasure hidden amongst the Sutherland shire Sydney. The area is quite relaxed and cool. Walking into three beans is like walking from a tiki tour in the hottest sun of the shire into the ritz. Beautiful marble tables with old clawed feet on a black and white geometric tiled floor. The chairs are all wooden cane with large sitting lounge that has a beautiful maroon leather head rest. The walls are dark grey blue. The lighting is all industrial contemporary adding a nice blend of past and present that makes this cafe feel like a trendy home amongst the laid back shire lifestyle.  


The eggs bene with spinach and hollandaise at Three Beans Kareela is a bit more than amazing. The flavours melt in your mouth with the slightest and purest tang of vinegar which tells me the eggs have been cooked right. Whilst never overpowering the gooey perfectly poached eggs. The hollandaise is of perfect consistency however tastes like it’s made in house which is a very difficult dressing to perfect. That being said the lovely and gorgeous young barista makes a very delicious chai latte as well. 10/10 stars. Everything was on point. Even admiringly the printed napkins Three beans- “organically grown made with soul”.



Flavours of Cirque cafe Newcastle

Walking into Cirque cafe Newcastle the decor is simple and quite minimalist.

Clean cut dark brown tables and white walls with one wall black for chalk drawings of circus flags. The day’s specials are chalked upon the wall confit duck, Parmesan and rocket penne.

I’m thinking to myself this is something I’ve seen before. Amongst the throng of boring same same cafe restaurants in Newcastle I am crying out for something fresh.

The name of the cafe Cirque promises me something new. I am here for the food and the food only. The minimalist look sets the atmosphere for the bustling conversations of entrepreneurs, lawyers and rich house wives. The prices of food are quite realistic and reasonable for what has been offered.

This is the third day I have visited Cirque. Let me say I only ordered a coffee just once the first day I visited, a cappuccino and it was burnt. That being said I do not know whether to blame the barista or the tools the barista has been given. I suspect that the coffee machine itself is overheating the coffee while its inside the machine or the waitress is pressing down the coffee with too much pressure and the water isn’t fully soaking through in time. So ok I wasn’t incredibly impressed with the coffee however the service provided was very good.

Coffee in Newcastle at any cafe is usually burnt and it is rare to find a good barista. Something that is so lacking and is undeniably ignored upon the cafe restaurant scene in Newcastle nowadays.

Cirque does offer a list of other non caffeinated drinks such as detoxifying juices and iced chocolates which are a better representation of Cirque.

The food at Cirque is flavoursome and fresh. The first day I ate at Cirque I had the eggs Benedict on salmon with hollandaise. The appearance was simple piled with extra hollandaise spilling down the sides. Kind of boring. The flavour was as expected an explosion of hollandaise sauce, poached egg and salmon.


The linguini meatballs were ablaze with colour and had a strong Italian aroma. Very wisely littered with fresh herb flavours and meatballs that were just the right size for a mouthful. I was very impressed with the share of shaved parmesan embellishing the dish.


On the second day I had a Wagyu beef burger with a side of hand cut potato chips. The Wagyu beef patty was just like mum makes although with a good quality Wagyu mince. A delicious combination of herbs mince and onion . The spicy beetroot jam beneath the patty and combination of lettuce, tomato and toasted bun with aioli had just the right flavours to make the burger melt in your mouth. My only complaint was the height of the burger was hard to manage grabbing and fitting a full mouth full in and the burger had to almost be deconstructed to be eaten which I didn’t mind as it tasted so good. The chips were equally as tasty. I’m quite sure the aioli is also made in house with a few secret flavours that make it amazing.


Today I had a simple bowl of fresh fruit and yoghurt that had been presented perfectly with a side of honey.


The beetroot and goats cheese tort appeared hidden in a sea of loose leaf salad leaving me to think we are playing hide and go seek which I thought was quite playful and enjoyed. The shaved Parmesan on top seemed a little too similar to the linguini although a fitting match for the rocket salad.


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