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Making A Wedding Dress For My Best Friend

It’s not every day that you can say you made your best friends wedding dress but in 2020 with two months and a fairly random and unpredictable schedule we designed and made her dress together. It was the most special project Ive worked on in all the years I have been sewing. She looked so beautiful on her day and I was so proud of my oldest friend Georgina finally taking the next step of her life with her Soulmate Brooke. Together these girls are going to be such an amazing team!

Professional Photo credits to Captured memories with Renee and dress by me Secret Culture Custom. The blurry photos are from my camera 😉

The Wedding was held of the 5th of December at Culburra beach in front of the surfhouse with the Reception inside the surfhouse. They had amazingly perfect weather as they were photographed on the beach out the front of the surfhouse. Everything was so beautiful. Brooke and Georgina had truly surpassed all expectation of their special day held by all attendees.

Making the wedding dress we had some inspiration starting off. As it was a lesbian wedding I wanted to dye her dress all different colours of the rainbow but Georgina wanted a more traditional look. something floaty but fitted. Ivory lace but no beading. Or if there was beading quite minimal. It had to be something that accentuated her beauty without taking away or being too over the top. She looked perfect on the day.

“Today is not the start of your Partnership. Your partnership began when you met. Today is just another day where we Celebrate your Union and Lifelong committment”

Ashleigh Renee Evans
The Designer Dressmaker Secret Culture

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