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My latest custom designer formal gown for a year 10 formal

The dress is beautiful. Absolutely stunning! Embellished in gorgeous Swarovski crystals and fine lace. The silhouette is off the shoulder panelled with a gorgeous fishtail with lace and Swarovski detail. The bodice is covered in lace as well and embellished lightly in each flower with Swarovski crystals.


Love Will Take Us To Wallsend. A story Of A Vibrant Red Carpet Dress & A Designer Florist






So with the excitement of Valentines Day sweet hearts ordering flowers everywhere across the country. I am here to bring you a story about Wallsend NSW Australia!!!!

Just 16 weeks old and we now have the very first Valentines day for Everything Floral!!!! Not the first Valentines day though for owner & head florist Alyn-Jai Miranda who has been in the industry for over 20 years with more experience in design and floristry than most people have in their right pinkie.

What I love is that Alyn-Jai Miranda came to me and asked for me to put one of my dresses in his store for the Valentines day week. I haven’t ever shared this dress with the world but it was one that I completed for my red carpet assessment in Tighes Hill Tafe. I have of of course added some finishing touches such as the pearls on the shoulder and the draping diamant√© back band and Now the day before Valentines day I would love to share some pictures of my dress in the front window display at Everything Floral!!!

If you like what you see Secret Culture is a label by local Newcastle designer Ashleigh Renee Patel. We do custom designs to suit any occasion and have one-off designs available in our eBay store


You can also follow the Secret Culture Facebook page to find out what custom designs Secret Culture is creating!!! Find the link on the side of this web page or type Secret Culture into Facebook.

Everything Floral is a local Newcastle business that will accommodate the needs of all people. They can be followed on their Everything Floral Facebook page. Whether you are looking for wedding floristry with flair or a casual bunch of blue roses, no budget is too big or too small. You can contact the Everything Floral Florist on 49517024 weekdays 9am- 6pm




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