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My latest custom designer formal gown for a year 10 formal

The dress is beautiful. Absolutely stunning! Embellished in gorgeous Swarovski crystals and fine lace. The silhouette is off the shoulder panelled with a gorgeous fishtail with lace and Swarovski detail. The bodice is covered in lace as well and embellished lightly in each flower with Swarovski crystals.



Bell of the Ball a Gothic Audrey Hepburn inspired Designer Dress

So I was very excited to have Kimberley in my studio this morning for her very first fitting of this Gothic style Audrey Hepburn designer formal dress. It looks absolutely fabulous. There is still a shoulder wrap to sew on and straps as well as roulette loops and a back panel but WOW she looks fabulous already! Here’s some photos. Sorry about the quality of the photos. I didn’t have time to take too many so just a quick couple off Kimberley’s phone. If you like what you see please follow this blog, Facebook page on the right hand side column or just search secret culture on Instagram!



Size 14 Asian Elegance!Double Bow Tomoko Nagamichi inspired cocktail dress”One off”

Here we have an Asian style Tomoko Nagamichi (famous Japanese Pattern Maker)inspired Cocktail Dress. It is joined at the Waist with Double darts on the back of skirt and side darts as the fabric has been wrapped around the figure to remove side seams.Front Tucks for added comfort as you and I both know stomachs expand and decrease. This will mean you will have a little extra room and your dress isn’t likely to pop when you have an extra spring roll at the party.The dress is fitted mainly to the hip and arm and has extra fullness in the bodice for women with a larger bust size.The sleeve has inverted pleats allowing extra room and comfort of movement.On the front bodice we have the Tomoko Nagamichi inspired double bow. This can be tied however you like.There are French darts from the side seams to add extra elegance and poise to the design.The design is fully lined in a black polyester with an invisible zipper.

To Fit:


Waist: 80cm

Hips: 100cm

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This is Design 8 in Secret Cultures 50 Designs in 50 Days Challenge!

50 designs in 50 days 8 001
50 designs in 50 days 8 002 50 designs in 50 days 8 005 50 designs in 50 days 8 007 50 designs in 50 days 8 009

Buy it now $144.95

Ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200877355835#ht_665wt_1186

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/120110759/size-14-asian-elegance-double-bow-tomoko

Size 10 Strapless Floral dress “Cup Size B Bust” with top stitched detail on boned structure

This is design 7 of Secret Cultures 50 designs in 50 days challenge!

50 designs in 50 days 7 004 50 designs in 50 days 7 006 50 designs in 50 days 7 008Here we have petite Size 10 (small make) with measurements 

Bust: 84 cm
Waist: 60 cm
Hips: 84 cm
It is a Strapless Floral dress “Cup Size B Bust” with boned structure.

This is a one-off!!!!
The skirt is a lovely crepe which is gathered to the bodice at the waist. The bodice is made of a polyester.
This is design 7 of Secret Cultures 50 designs in 50 days challenge!If you like what you see follow this blog to find out what will be tomorrows design!
Buy it now $74.95
On EBAY: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200877116875#ht_679wt_1186
On ETSY: https://www.etsy.com/listing/120053556/size-10-strapless-floral-dress-cup-size


Pink floral Raglan sleeved sun dress for fuller figured women 50 designs in 50 days challenge day 4

This is what I designed for day 4 of my 50 designs in 50 days challenge:

Here we have a lovely pink floral dress that has an elasticated waist. I have added a bright pink vintage satin belt at the waist to accentuate your womanly figure. It has a very pretty feminine floral pattern. It is   made with a crepe fabric that has a very slight sheerness about it. Although not sheer enough to reveal your underwear. This is suitable for wearing to the beach or around the house. The qualities of the fabric make it very comfortable. 

50 designs in 50 days4 001 50 designs in 50 days4 002 50 designs in 50 days4 003 50 designs in 50 days4 004

The sun dress has been sewn in rasant thread which is very good quality and will ensure the longevity of your garment.


The elasticated waist of the garment combined with the wide neck and raglan sleeve means it is suitable for any size from a 14 to an 18 and the waist belt should be tied to suit your personal fit

Available for $39.95

On Ebay:


On Etsy:



Pretty Lilac Rose Peplum Dress

50 days 50 designs 004 50 days 50 designs 007I decided to design a peplum dress with a twist suitable for a standard size 10.Inspired by the summer heat I wanted it to be pretty and light weight although a stable weave with airy qualities due to the heat that Australia is currently feeling.


This is a one-off and I will not be making another one. 

50 days 50 designs 005

This will not be mass produced.
It is a standard size 10. 
To fit~
Waist: 58cm
Hip: 86cm
Bust: 85cm
Available for Purchase for $59.95
Purchase on Ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200874973393#ht_674wt_1186
Purchase on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/119571237/pretty-lilac-rose-peplum


Colour my Collection

Hi wonderful fans this blog is me asking you what you want!!!!Please leave a comment and have your say on what you want!

Have you ever wanted to buy a dress or a shirt in one particular colour so badly and not been able to find it……..The theme of my up and coming collection is Eden and so I am trying out a dark and seductive color selection. What colours would you like to see in my up and coming collection?

What is the most money you would be willing to pay for a cocktail dress and full length formal/evening dress if you were going to buy one in the future?

If you like leave a comment saying what colours you would not like to see or what you would not pay!

Ten Rules For Buying Retail

  1. If you are more than a size 8 do not buy anything with a pattern bigger than the palm of your hand. Large patterns make you look large.
  2. If you know your going shopping for this seasons clothing make sure you do your own trend research before you go….Definitely read a magazine or have a squizz on tumblr to see what is coming in now!Remember what is up in high fashion must come down to retail.
  3. The bigger it is the harder it falls…I guess you have heard this saying too.Have you ever noticed that something that is a big trend now in two years is always a no go zone. A great example is shoulder pads in the 80’s…Fantastic look for powerful women in their power suits.Went out of fashion until recently.I remember never wanting to ever wear shoulder pads all through the nineties.So if your investing in a wardrobe piece that you want to have in 5 years time and not shriek at every time you see it.Please invest in something that is on trend but is still not what everyone else is wearing.Try a classic look with a twist perhaps.
  4. If you know the type of woman who is your idol you may more or less have something in common with taste so if you love say Nicole KidmanAudrey Hepburn or Marilyn monroe why don’t you look either one of these fabulous women up and see what kinds of trends they have worn and maybe have a look at current trends that remind you of these women and their timeless style.
  5. Bring some textiles into the equation.Who wants exactly the same thing everyone else is wearing.That must be the biggest cliche of all time used in so many different movies and television shows.A woman turns up to a party and is wearing exactly the same thing as another woman.This is why trying a more textile based look in retail might prove a friend rather than a foe.The problem is finding a retail store that sells more textile based items…Boutiques are fabulous for this although sometimes can be a little more expensive.definitely worth the buy.
  6. cost means nothing.It is look that matters.If you can find a dress that looks great and is $60 it can last just as long and look just as good a $500 dress.It is you that has to look after it and make sure it lasts and that it still looks good by adhering to care instructions and making sure your purchase is a good quality in the beginning.Does it feel nice.Generally if it feels nice and it looks good it is good.The main problem you might have with a fabric is if it has been overloaded with dye.Make sure you wash it separately the first few washes.
  7. Take a photo.Message it to your mother asking if she likes the dress. A good mum will let you know straight away that you are wearing something shocking.If you choose to message it to a friend they will end up messaging you some reply about how it looks great even if they think it looks shocking because they love you also.I know it sounds funny to message it to your mother but really so many girls nowadays are looking so trashy because they want to look like sexual objects to attract men.It is almost a proven fact that trashy girls don’t end up in long term relationships for long because men don’t want a girl who says yes to everything and looks like a tart 150% of the time.Seriously if the dress is for picking up on the weekend then make sure it is either breasts or leg exposure not both.Men want a woman that has a little mystery about her.(and if you are after more than a pick-up make sure you do not go home with “the one” on the first meeting.7 dates is the perfect amount of time to make a man want to keep you and sooner and your giving it away for nothing)
  8. Don’t buy a dress just because you have seen it in a magazine!Who is to say it will suit your figure until you try it on.
  9. Pay it off.Paying a dress off means you have time to think about whether you really want it.I know the exact feeling when you have just been paid and really want to go shopping.The first dress you see that you like you buy without thinking about the cut or whether it suits you.You just think about how much money you have in your pocket and how pretty the dress looks on a hanger.Now paying the dress off means you have a second or third chance to decide if you really like it or if it really does suit your body!
  10. Buy to suit your wardrobe.When you are shopping look for something that will suit what you already have and compliment it. Maybe some new skinny leg orange denim jeans might suit your yellow smiley shirt……etc

Let’s Talk on Trends

I have just found out you can blog via email!Oh the wonders of the technological age.I am attaching my trend search on mini dresses, pants and skirts.I am not sure if they will work this way so please bare with me.


Wow!It does work.How truly amazing. Anyway I have attached some images of what I like and think will be around this year for you to look at. They are word documents that can be downloaded and adapted.Don’t worry no spyware or viruses.I am just not that remarkable to add them;)

My Teabag Dress

The Tea Bag Dress!

My first eco-friendly designer dress

This was my first environmentally friendly design originally inspired by Australian textile artist Jennifer Hawkins who at the time in 2007 was creating patchwork quilts and wall hangings from tea bags. I started the teabag dress as a major project for my HSC textiles. It is still a working piece that I draw inspiration from as I still don’t think it is quite finished. I have quilted more than 2000 Lipton teabags, machine felted, hand embroidered and embellished. I have painted and now am in the stages of refitting the dress to a stock size 10. This is my side project that I love so dearly.

There are a few interesting people making teabag textiles and art around the world.

Original T-Bag Designs, a collective of artists residing in South Africa. These artists transform recycled tea bags into a variety of beautiful items, including works of art, household objects, jewelry, stationery, and clothes. For many of the artists, their tea-bag creations have freed them from a life of poverty.”

Continue reading on Examiner.com: Recycle those tea bags and make room for loose leaf tea – Los Angeles LA | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/la-in-los-angeles/recycle-those-tea-bags-and-make-room-for-loose-leaf-tea#ixzz1MD13qoJK

The links to view their website don’t seem to work for me so I’m not entirely sure the article is relevant or not although it does reference my dress backdated to the 31st of March 2009.So time has moved on a bit.There is another reference at the Chinese Tea Shop Blog:


A couple of earlier blogs also reference my tea bag dress amongst other tea related articles. I found dyeing with tea an interesting idea for the future.


I really love the coffee and tea festival newsletter. It has really opened my eyes to the world of tea infused foods and painting with coffee. Check out the Mona Latte!


I find the idea of this design scourer very interesting although not especially related to my tea bag dress.I admire her close and personal , customer service orientated business and hope that my business will grow in the same general direction into the future.


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