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Alessandro Michelle

Italian born designer Alessandro Michelle is the creative director of Gucci since January 2015 and he is in charge of the global brand image of the label.

He was named on Time Magazines top 100 most influential people in the artist category for 2017 and so is really peaking in his career at this stage.

His latest collection was the 2018 cruise which was inspired by mythology and the renaissance. Although looking closely it was a mix of the ages. He’s drawn from all different eras and masterfully brought it together as a mish mash of culture and time.

Born in 1972 Alessandro studied at the Accademia di costume e Di Moda Rome. Beginning his early career designing for Fendi before being snapped up by Tom Ford in 2002 where he took on a variety of roles competing to the creative director role.

In 2015 he was awarded International fashion designer of the year (British Fashion Awards) and again in 2016.

With an international designer of the year award in 2016 from the CFDA Council of Fashion Designers of America.

Here is Alessandro being interviewed in the studio by the New York Times. Interview NYT

Here is the latest Gucci 2018 Cruise collection.


My latest custom designer formal gown for a year 10 formal

The dress is beautiful. Absolutely stunning! Embellished in gorgeous Swarovski crystals and fine lace. The silhouette is off the shoulder panelled with a gorgeous fishtail with lace and Swarovski detail. The bodice is covered in lace as well and embellished lightly in each flower with Swarovski crystals.


Hottest fitness costume in Southern Hemisphere. Mary poppins meets show girl sexy

So I was approached to make a custom fitness costume for gorgeous Kate who had such potential I just couldn’t resist helping design the hottest fitness costume this side of the Southern Hemisphere. She wanted bling and the bang de la boom show girl style with a Mary Poppins twist. Kate wanted something hot that will help her with her success as she really wants to win that fitness competition that she has worked so hard for. To start with I fully beaded a diamonte bralet. Then I made the diamonte costume bottom with fully manoeuvrable lace and satin bustle and white satin Coco Chanel collar with cute red satin double bow. Fabrics we all cannot resist. Then I designed and hand sewed a miniature top hat with a new fabric I have found called FosshapeR300 that you can blow dry and mould into a hardened shape. I love innovative fabrics and that is definitely a new one although expensive works fabulously. I then covered the hat in black satin with a red band and feather that is removable. I also made a pair of white gloves and shoe covers. Here are some pics. Please follow my blog or like my Facebook page on the right hand side to see more custom designs from designer dressmaker Ashleigh Patel of Secret Culture. Ashleigh is an Australian based designer and dressmaker living in Newcastle Australia. You can contact her via email at secretcultureshop@gmail.com if interested in custom made items.






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