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Pierre Cardin

Image from Pierre Cardin

Italian born designer Pierre Cardin (born 2.7.1922 Pietro Cardin) moved to France from when he was 2 and grew up in Saint Etienne. 
In 1945 moves to France and begins work for Paquin and the Schiaparelli. In 1946 he was hired as a tailor by Christian Dior and privately designs masks and costumes for the movie beauty and the beast La Belle et La BĂȘte. 
In 1950 he starts his own company designing masks and costumes for the theatre 

In 1954 he designs the bubble dress which is a global sensation and opens his own Parisian boutique Eve. 

In 1959 Pierre Cardin releases his first women’s ready to wear collection. 

In 1960 Pierre Cardin releases his first men’s ready to wear collection “Cylindre or cylinder”.

In 1963 Pierre Cardin releases his first ready to wear womens haute couture collection. 
In 1966 Pierre Cardin releases his first children’s collection using triplets as models from Paris.

In 1972 he releases his first men’s perfume “Pour Monsieur” 

In 1977, 1979 & 1982 receives the gold thimble of French Haute Couture from Cartier. 

In 2017 Pierre Cardin has been designing for 70 years. 

Here are the latest Designs of Pierre Cardin 


My first Lomi Lomi

I have been working really hard lately sewing and designing from my studio. I also work two day jobs so I’ve been lacking energy for quite some time. I decided to book in for my first Lomi Lomi massage!

Ok so if your a little self conscious like all women the idea of laying naked while another woman massages your whole body can be a little scary at first. 

I came to the appointment willing to try something new as the Lomi Lomi is regarded as an energising massage. That is exactly what I needed today;)

Lauren began by consulting with me on what the massage involves. She doesn’t rub your breasts or anything and it’s normal to feel tingling or other sensations while having the massage. Also lauren wanted to know what I was comfortable with. Did I want a hard massage or a more gentle relaxation softer massage. 

Knowing myself I wanted the softer relaxation massage. So I was asked to drape down to nothing. I was totally naked apart from a modesty sheet.

I then lay there as Lauren drew all the bad energy from my body breathing in universal energy and enlisting that positive energy back into my body.

The oil was warm and made of her own special combination of soothing oils. At first I was a little stiff unable to relax however by the end of the two hour massage I was so relaxed and energised that I left feeling amazing. The Lomi Lomi was definitely something new to me and it really helped that Lauren from Hartfelt massage was so professional in the consultation. 

The massage was so amazing that I felt I should write a blog about it and support local business as I am sure there are hundreds of women out there that could use some energy! 

The best part is that it wasn’t overly expensive and totally affordable. It was like getting a full day spa treatment without having to pay as much! I loved it so much I’m thinking of buying a session for one of my friends as a birthday gift! Anyhow I’m off to the beach so enjoy your public holiday gorgeous people;) 

For enquiries contact Lauren. She is located in Sydney at Gymea and is by far one of the best in her industry! 

Please like and share her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Hartfeltmassage

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