Fabric choices for plus size formal garments 

If you are a plus size you need to make sure you choose the right thickness and quality of fabric to suit your body. You can’t just buy a thin shiny satin. It just won’t look right on a plus size. Always go with matte and do not risk on an especially shiny fabric. A thin silk might drape lovely on a size 10 model but on a plus size will drag on your hips and lumps and bumps excentuating all the parts of your body that you do not want excentuated. You need to purchase heavier fabrics or fabrics that are stiffer that can create more panelled garments that draw attention to your face or bust if you want to draw attention away from stomach and hips. Also if you insist on a certain thin fabric buy a light interfacing that is the same thickness as your garment fabric that will move with your body. the thinner the fabric and the interfacing on a fitted garment the more attention will be drawn to your shape where the fabric clings to your body. Better to choose a heavier silk or rayon or even a thick taffeta rather than a light draped fabric. Remember that a dressmaker cannot improve on your figure if you are plus sized. They can’t magically transform you into a size you are not. Be realistic in fabric choice and in choosing the style you are after. A line always compliments a plus sized woman. Taking the dress in skin tight will never make you look better. It will only make you look worse if your body is plus sized. Choose something fitted but not tight on your body. Tight makes bulges move to other areas that do not compliment you. If you want a light fabric use a nice chiffon to go over the top of the main fabric. That means you get the softer look you are after but also your body has the heavier fabric offering structure to your bust. Without structure your bust will not be held in place.


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