The bridal lace heirachy- know what your wearing 

Why wear a dress if you don’t know what it’s made of. The bridal lace heirachy will help you define what you are trying on and why your dress has more or less value than others. From chantilly to eyelet, let’s find out what your wearing. Lace ranges from cheap and nasty $10 per metre to average $130-$200 and expensive $500+ per metre. So it’s hard to value exactly by a name. If you can identify where it was from at the time of purchase you have a rough idea. China generally means cheap. France, Italy, Spain generally are more expensive and luxurious as the quality is much better. 


The “queen of lace,” this French style (which dates back to the 16th century) has a distinct floral pattern outlined with corded detail. Usually three dimensional and embellished with seed pearls and sequins.

Example from

Named after its origin in Chantilly, France, this delicate and dainty lace features flowers and ribbons on a plain tulle background. It’s popular for sleeves and overlay, since its sheerness gives off a romantic appeal. Just a feel good lace. Absolutely perfect for hemlines and jackets!

Example from

This cotton fabric is perfect for summer. Innocent sweet vibe. Embroidered cutouts give it a vintage feel, while scalloped edges provide an vintage heirloom quality. Since it’s very breathable, it’s the ideal choice for an outdoor, warm-weather wedding.

Example from


Cotton-based with heavy woven patterns, this lace can look a little like macramé. It’s heavier than most lace and is usually limited to structured silhouettes, but its thick patterns make a dramatic statement.

Example from

A type of guipure, this particular style looks the real world for inspiration and it’s created by joining together round, heavy floral and leaf motifs almost as if it were woven amongst a web. It tends to lend a royal vintage feel as popular amongst the royals ( check out prince George’s christening gown)

Example from

Point D’Esprit
To create this lightweight lace, small oval or square dots are woven in a scattered pattern into a tulle mesh fabric. Very sweet and less statement. Ideally collaborated into some design that is sweet and subtle. 

Example from

Another lightweight style, this machine-made lace has an allover delicate embroidered design. It looks great both as an overlay or as edging on a sleeve, hem or bodice of a gown.

Example from


Also known as “Venetian point” or “gros point,” this heavy needlepoint-type design uses floral sprays, foliage or geometric patterns and is often said to look like carved ivory.

Example from


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